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Taking proactive steps through estate planning can provide you and your family peace of mind. Documenting your wishes in a will and designating power of attorney to a trusted friend or family member can help your loved ones avoid difficult decisions.

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An estate plan provides you the control you need and your family will appreciate. A well-drafted will can also prevent valuable assets from going through probate. Powers of attorney will provide you protection while giving authority to a trusted individual to follow your wishes should you become incapacitated.

The attorneys at Hunter & Kramer, P.C., handle issues where their primary practice of real estate intersects with estate planning matters. Curative matters that relate to real property require a lawyer to draft instrumentation that allows an owner to circumvent probate issues. Transferring and moving that real property through drafting, examination and underwriting make life easier for heirs. We may be able to cure your title issues without probate; feel free to download the attached questionnaire and give us a call to guide you through the process.

While the goal of estate planning is to avoid probate, our attorneys are qualified to represent clients in probate courts throughout Texas, specifically when it involves assets that involve real estate.

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